Invasion of the Water World

3.&4.8.2018 - Festival Povaleč

After a long preparation in Prague, opera group Run OpeRun will working in the area of caste Valeč during one week on a newpeace of their repertoire. The goal is to achieve the most authentic actor performance and audience experience.

Team Run OpeRun has loon toyed with the idea of presenting a classical piece of art so embedded in traditions such as the most famous Czech opera Rusalka in a new light. And now after a few succesful site specific opera performance Run OpeRun presents: RUSALKA Invasion of Water World. 

Site-specific opera is situated in an old royal summerhouse in the area of castle Valeč which is a very scary place. We chose this "stage" because of the story of Rusalka. This Czech version of The Little Mermaid is originally scarier than a fairytale for children and that inspired us to present Rusalka as a horror.

The concept is based on differences between the two worlds. One is the animal and frivolous human world and second is the strange and cold water world. There are many questions to ask: Why are the water nymphs trapped in the lake? Why the relationship between the water goblin and water nymphs is more close to Stockholm syndrome than a family atmosphere. Who is the Moon which everyone admires? And finally what will happen when the invasion of the Water World comes and these two worlds connect?

From sketches into reality

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